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 Geared Coupling

Our company offers varied range of Industrial Gear Couplings, which are widely applied in various kinds of industries and made from excellent raw materials for giving accurate shape and dimension for meeting clients needs. These Flexible Geared Couplings offer the best performance and available at very cost-effective prices. Our company manufactures these Shaft Geared Couplings as per needs and requirements of customers. Apart from manufacturing, supplying and distributing, we are also engaged in wholesaling, trading and dealing these products.

Some of the Assortments provided under this category

  • Concave Jaw Coupling
    We offer Concave Coupling, which is simple and compact in construction and also capable of transmitting high torque at maximum speed. The torque is transmitted through cushion spider. Highly advanced cushion spider are used to absorb shock loads and torsion vibration.

  • Concave Jaw Coupling Split Type
    Our company offers Split Jaw Coupling, which has additional features of quick disconnection of the coupling from driving/driven shaft for the purpose of servicing worn out cushion or drive/driven unit, just by removing a set of high tensile socket head screw with an Allen key. It has minimum downtime and thus increases productivity. Furthermore, it does not have any projecting part.

  • Mecogear Coupling
    These Couplings offer high torque transmission and are also capable of both high loads and speed. The design Coupling is such of kind that it accommodates ample mechanical flexibility and compensation of parallel, angular and axial misalignment within allowable rating and permit axial end float.


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